Who is Master Toddy?

Your devoted Muay Thai trainer and head instructor at Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy.

  • Founder of the Muay Thai International Association (MTIA)
  • Helped to set up more than 300 Muay Thai gyms/schools worldwide
  • Trained UFC and MMA superstars such as Hall of Famer ‘Randy “the Natural” Couture’, Tito Ortiz, Stephan Bonnar, Forest Griffin, Phil Baroni, and Bob Sapp
  • Trained Gina Carano to become the first International Woman’s World Muay Thai Champion
  • Co-wrote, co-directed and starred in the hit reality TV shows: ‘FIGHT GIRLS’ (on the Oxygen Network previously owned by Oprah Winfrey), ‘TUFF GIRLS’, and ‘RING GIRLS’
    Starred in the James Bond movie ‘Man with the Golden Gun’

Master Toddy's Story

Master Toddy was born into a middle-class family where Muay Thai was not generally accepted, but he had such a strong desire and determination to be a Muay Thai Fighter that his parents eventually relented and allowed him to pursue his dream to train. Practicing Muay Thai on the streets of Bangkok at the age of 5, by his 11th birthday he had over 100 fights under his belt.

From an early age, Thohsaphon (“Toddy”) had the honour and privilege to teach alongside his Masters, where he learned to adapt his training style to many different types of students’ abilities and strengths. He has trained under the legendary Grandmaster Ajarn Seri Ramaruud, as well as Grandmasters Ajarn Sanong Rakwanid and Ajarn Pansak Ratanaprasit. All of them Masters in their own right, having themselves trained many world-class Muay Thai fighters. It was unusual for such a young student to be allowed this honour.

At the age of 20, Master Toddy was invited by a close friend to audition for a role in the James Bond movie Man with the Golden Gun. It was being filmed primarily in Thailand on the island of Ko Phi Phi in Southern Phuket province, and in an ancient city located in Samut Prakarn Province outside of Bangkok. To get the part the young Master Toddy had to fight 6 Chinese Champion Martial Arts Experts from the same team that starred in several Bruce Lee movies. Having beaten 4 of them, and the other 2 withdrawing before he had a chance to fight them, Toddy got the part.

Shortly after completing his stint in the Bond film, he headed to the UK and opened the first ever Muay Thai School in Manchester, England. The school became well known, as he began to consistently produce champions. His students would come from as far as two hundred miles away to attend Master Toddy’s Muay Thai classes. In England Master Toddy was known as the father of Muay Thai. His fighters became distinguished champions and his promotion of them was superb. Even today Master Toddy is still known as the best Muay Thai trainer and promoter in England, and the first to broadcast a live Muay Thai TV Promotion to Thailand.

After 16 years in the UK and Ireland Master Toddy decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada – the home of Boxing and Big Fights – to continue his winning streak as a world-class trainer and promoter. Within his first two years, Master Toddy had trained 4 world champions on his own. Then, wanting to achieve the best and highest levels of Muay Thai training possible, Master Toddy recruited top-notch fighters from Thailand to form the Champion Instructor Team.


Where You’ve Seen Us

Master Toddy's Muay Thai System

In addition to training students in the ancient fine art of Muay Thai, Master Toddy has also done stunt work for movies such as Austin Powers, etc. He has choreographed fight scenes for various television programs, and trained many well-know Film & Television Stars. The United States Secret Service and Special Forces have also enlisted the help of Master Toddy to train their staffs.

Confident with the vast knowledge and expertise he had gained over decades of hard work, and the power of the lineage of the ancient traditional techniques that have been handed down to him from his Grandmasters, Grandmaster Toddy has created a new step-by-step method of teaching Muay Thai. Within a standardized format utilizing graduated levels of knowledge and skill, his patented system is a tested and proven tool to help students gain confidence in each aspect of the Art and Sport of Muay Thai, and to grow into mature and responsible citizens of their communities.

The system is known as the Master Toddy’s Muay Thai System ®, which is under the umbrella of the Muay Thai International Association (MTIA). Our academy not only focuses on strengthening students’ techniques and physical strength, but we are also specialists in developing a high-level of psychological strength and tenacity among his students, trainers and fighters that is frequently lacking under other gyms. Master Toddy’s champions fight with tremendous heart and dignity, and he has an uncanny ability to determine and reinforce the various natural talents and abilities of each and every student, trainer, and fighter under his tutelage.


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“For many years I have dreamed about Going to Master Toddy´s Gym and have a go at Muay Thai. I was lucky enough to meet the legend himself, and he was so friendly and kind. Master Toddy and all the staff really made us feel welcome.” - Asgeir J.

"My husband does some recreational muay Thai at home and wanted a real Thai experience during our vacation in Thailand. That really worked out at Master Toddy's! We were welcomed very friendly and the private lesson with Korn was great! Also, very quick response to e-mails and a good explanation of the private lesson before booking." Suzanne V.

“Master Toddy Muay Thai is an authentic gym, with skilled trainers who make sessions fun for all, no matter what your skill or fitness level is. If you want to try out Muay Thai while you are in Bangkok, don't go anywhere else.” - Emma S.

"Master Toddy Academy is a great place to start or get advanced Muay Thai training. All the instructors are very professional and very knowledgeable. I recommend this training for anyone interested in learning Muay Thai." - Jon B.

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