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One of the key Muay Thai techniques that we learn at Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy is the “Eye of the Tiger”… no, we don’t sing a popular 80s tune, although you’re probably singing it in your head already. We practice “Tiger Eyes” – stare your opponent down, see who blinks first. Build confidence. Intimidate. Don’t get intimidated.

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Two of our warriors – Jesse and Tu – fought this Sunday (September 28th) at Bangkok’s legendary Rajadamnern Stadium (Ratchadamnoen Stadium). Spectators who paid 2000 THB to watch the fights that night saw our fighters beating their opponents by TKO, Tu in the 3rd round and Jesse in the 4th round.

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Last week, our Academy was honored to receive an award of excellence from Thailand Ministry of Education‘s Office of Private Education Commission.

Award of Excellence from Thai Ministry of Education

Award of Excellence from Thailand Ministry of Education

The Office of Private Education Commissions guarantees Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy standard of excellence. We guarantee that their training system is of excellent standard of quality for the year 2014. We wish that you continue to uphold your standard for future years.

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Jason David Frank recently released the 4th episode of his documentary show “My Morphin Life”. In the episode you can see him receiving his Muay Thai Certificate (Ajarn level), along with his wife Tammie Frank who fought for Master Toddy and received her Kru certification.

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Last year we had the pleasure of having Ajarn Jason David Frank, professional mixed martial artist and actor, most well-known for his portrayal of Tommy the Green/White Ranger on the television classic Power Rangers.

Watch this episode of Jason David Frank’s new show, “My Morphin Life”, which is about his coming to Thailand to get his Ajarn Muay Thai Certificate:

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muay thai experience

Last March I found myself on yet another tropical beach after traveling through Asia for two months. I was thinking about what to do with my last week in Thailand before leaving from Bangkok. Should I go to another island or should I do something else? Why not have my first Muay Thai experience?

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emmaYou wanna know more about Master Toddy's gym? Then visit Under the Ropes, Emma Thomas blog about her experience living at our gym and fighting for Master Toddy.