1.  To save space in your luggage, you don’t have to bring training gear, we have everything you could possible want and more here. In addition all clothing in general is pretty cheap here so you may want to pack light.

2.  When going out and about it is advised to take some Thai Baht with you, most vendors will not accept debit cards or foreign currency!

3.  Something I wish someone would of told me is to try and take a bottle of water wherever you go, the temperature is rather high here and having a bottle of water on hand is never a bad thing.

4.  If you plan to stay here long term on a EDU visa, it’s recommended to make a bank account as you can now transfer money from your home account for monthly expenses.

5.  Travelling around Thailand is a breeze, if you wish to take motorbikes from place to place make sure to get yourself a helmet.

6.  Unlike a lot of countries, Thailand has a thriving nightlife of food and entertainment, don’t be afraid to go out after hours to see what you can explore!

7.  If you get a Thai number/phone I recommend getting an app such as Grab, on there you can order food/taxi’s/groceries and more, if you ever want a lazy day apps like this can help you out.

8.  The equivalent to Amazon here is Lazada or Shopee, you can find almost anything on these sites that you would otherwise get from Amazon.