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Authentic Muay Thai Instruction for All Skill Levels

  • Whether you are in Bangkok on a short holiday, living and working here, or perhaps you are a professional fighter wanting to move up to the next level... We have you covered for the best possible Muay Thai training experience.
  • Join one of our group classes (held daily) or book a private class at your own convenience.

1 to 5 Years Visas

  • We have helped hundreds of our students stay in Thailand with an Education Visa, provided by the Thailand Ministry of Education (which we are proudly certified).
  • Qualification for the visa is simple: train at least 3 times per week. You can book 2 private classes at your convenience, or maybe attend 2 group classes!

Friendly and Encouraging Trainers with Decades of Fighting Experience

  • Learn authentic Muay Thai with our experienced, friendly and English speaking instructors.
  • Each class has at least 3-4 instructors participating to ensure that each individual student gets the attention they require to develop.

Package Deal Courses

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